Another quick project…XU t shirt

Tonight my alma mater, Xavier University, plays our crosstown rival, University of Cincinnati. My daughter had a non-uniform school day and could wear red or blue today to show XU or UC loyalty.

I looked at a few shirts at online shops, but given $26 prices for a kids t eeq hey are you she planned on wearing something blue from the closet. On my home yesterday, I realized I could easily craft an XU shirt for her.

A quick stop at Joann for a plain tee (albeit a size too big) and a fat quarter (with a 50% off iPhone coupon of course…does anyone pay full price at Joann?) and I was set.

Stitching around the letters was tedious, but really didn’t take too long.

To help with fit, I traced over an existing t shirt and contoured the side seams. I just cut the sleeves and bottom hem leaving them raw.

My daughter liked it! That’s what counts. Now let’s see who wins tonight’s game!


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