Small projects

My creativity has needed a boost lately. Even with the holidays approaching, I just didn’t have it in me. (I did make a few holiday gifts which I need to post) Honestly, I think the whole craft fair thing, coupled with machine failures and lack of time, zapped my creativity. Craft fairs are not for me, I’m afraid. To get back in the swing of things, yesterday I decided to do some small projects that were short on time and full of instant gratification.

The first project was strap covers for my daughter’s car seat. Her seat in my car has cozy covers around the straps that can be positioned around her face. Her seat in my husband’s car does not have the cozies and she has been complaining about the scratchy straps. I decided to whip up some covers.
I simply traced the existing cover to make a pattern. I used grey fleece for the top side and fusible fleece on the underside. Then I added velcro strips on the underside to secure the covers around the straps. To finish the covers, I sewed on double-fold bias tape. My husband should appreciate that the trim is Tarheel Blue for his favorite college basketball team!

My second project of the day was a sewing machine cover. For about a year, I had an IKEA pillow cover sort of draped over my machine. I decided my new machine deserved a proper cover. For this I just cut the side seams off the pillow cover, cut the length to fit and then hemmed the raw edges to make a slip-on cover. To close the sides, I sewed on some twill tape ties. Easy, quick, done…cute.

With the remaining fabric from the pillow cover, I made a needlebook and wrist pincushion from One Yard Wonders. I truly need the needlebook. I usually just throw my needles in the bowl that holds my pins (pictured at the top of this post), so it is like looking for a needle in a haystack (er…pin bowl) when I need to handstich.

The pincushion is sewn using an offset square technique. You may not be able see in my pictures, but the end result is a cool zig-zag effect where the two fabrics are joined. I am thinking this same technique might make a nice floor pillow for my daughter’s room using two contrasting fabrics to highlight the zig zag result. See, my creativity is slowly but surely returning 🙂

By the way, One Yard Wonders is full of fun projects. I keep flipping through the pages
or inspiration!! FYI, if you have the book, there are some corrections posted at Storey Publishing and a group set-up at flickr.

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