The Chocolate Buttercup Bag in the previous post was for Megan, a jewelry artist in my area and fellow vendor at the recent craft fair I attended. At the craft fair, she and I traded a bag for a necklace, then I asked for a custom pair of earrings, then she asked for the Buttercup Bag and then I asked for a pair of earrings….and the cycle goes on.
No actual money has changed hands, rather some handmade lovlies. A win-win for both of us, right??

Megan is incredibly talented and even teaches classes locally. She has some gorgeous pieces on her website and also makes custom pieces.

Here is my Tutti-Fruiti necklace and earring set made by Megan:I love the variety of colors, shapes and sizes of beads in this piece. This necklace is actually three separate beaded, twisted strands that are then braided together. I’ve worn this with orange, green, charcoal and ice blue sweaters and it looks great.

The fun doesn’t end there. Megan kindly shared my blog with some friends, one of whom asked me to make a bag or two. Stephanie’s bags are coming up in a future post.


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