Iraqi Bundles of Love

Have you heard about Iraqi Bundles of Love, an effort started by a US soldier stationed in Iraq? He saw a need for sewing supplies amongst Iraqi families and started collecting bundles of sewing and knitting supplies to distribute. So far, the bundle count is 80. That number will soon grow exponentially since the effort was featured on the Sew Mama Sew blog today. He already estimates being able to distribute to three provinces and anticipates the need for air support for massive distribution!

Self-contained bundles of fabric, yarn and notions are requested to be mailed by September 7 per instructions on the blog. Sew Mama Sew is offering to build and send bundles for a $15 donation.

Be sure to visit the IBOL blog to read how this soldier was inspired during his multiple visits to Iraq. He updates with pictures of the many bundles piling up and throws in some humor supplied by the unit’s resident kitty. And his “about me”, while simple and succient, touched me — “I am the son of a quilter, who also made Halloween costumes for us kids. I am the brother of quilters, who give generously in everything they do. I am the husband of a quilter, who inspires me every day. And, apparently, I am helping to raise a quilter, who happens to be the cutest girl in the world.”

I have read about several other service efforts in the sewing blogosphere and “meant” to participate. This one is a must for me.

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