The halter that was a dress that was a tank

This top started out as a dress in my mind. Then I realized that an empire waistline starting that high would not be flattering for my body shape. So I decided to make a simple tank rather than a dress. Then I sewed one of the straps on at a weird angle that worked better as a halter strap. So I settled on a halter. I like this kind of creating…figuring it out as you go and not being afraid to move away from your original plan.

I drafted the pattern using an Ann Taylor Loft top that I have with a simple design to duplicate. The fabric is a cotton voile that I picked up locally for $2.99 a yard! I love the colors. Because of the lightweight and almost sheer quality of the fabric, I added a muslin lining to the bottom half of the shirt. The top portion of the top is interfaced along with the straps to add some body.

I still need to make some fit adjustments. The top portion is a little big and the elastic just loose enough to not feel confident that it won’t slip too low in the back.

As a bonus, once I finished the top, I realized I have two cardigans that will make this wearable for work and that match perfectly, one the medium green and one the light blue in the print. And I love how it works with this pretty necklace I ordered from Snapdragon on etsy. I’m not a paid sponsor :)…just a happy customer. I love green and this adds a great boost of color to so many outfits.
The color is so blah on these pictures. Trying to capture the last bit of natural light on a dreary day gave me dreary pictures!

2 thoughts on “The halter that was a dress that was a tank

  1. Love it and very cute, I love that you are changing the patterns to fit what you want. You are getting very brave. The stockings I was going to make the girls for chirstmas became a diaster as I began changing the pattern. Since then I haven't been so brave! hehe

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