Instant Gratification

I whipped up a drawstring bag based on the instructions in Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. This was made to hold a birthday gift. I will probably make some more of these for my husband to use as shoe bags when traveling. He keeps hinting that I don’t sew anything for him! The fabric is a tablecloth from IKEA. This one was $5 in the As-Is section. Lots of nice, heavy cheap fabric to use. And I like that the colors are different…unexpected.

An fyi for those using the book instructions. The photo in the book shows only one drawstring, but the instructions call for two (as shown above). I like using two drawstrings, it makes the bag easy to cinch. I used twill tape for the drawstrings. So the inside edges would be finished neatly, I used french seams.

Here is a close up of the (somewhat sloppy) zigzag technique used for the drawstring casings.

One thought on “Instant Gratification

  1. i love the idea of using other things that for all intents and purposes are fabrics as fabric for a project like this! i was looking at this pattern last night and deciding this would be a good gift for friends and family because who couldnt use a simple bag? plus if they are really easy to just whip up it's a thoughtful gift cuz you made it, but easy too! perfect.

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