Hello, Summer!

Doesn’t this fabric scream summer? Our family room was in need of a summer infusion. This winter, the room was painted – transforming it from cold builder-beige to warm tan. The new color warms the room so much, but it was feeling a little like fall with all the tan and brown furniture. I have orange and green accents in the room, so this fabric worked perfectly. I received the main fabric (Amy Butler Gothic Rose) in a scrap pack ordered from etsy. The cut was only a 14 inch cut, so to fit my 20 inch pillow form, I added the border (Amy Butler Olive Seeds). By the way, if you need pillow inserts, I found that IKEA is a good source. These 20 inch feather-filled inserts were only $6.99 each.

I like how the floral pattern mimics the brown vine pattern on the adjacent slipper chairs.

Rather than add a zipper, I opted for a simple envelope design and used a coordinating stripe (Amy Butler Oxford Stripe).

I would like to try the patchwork pillow on the cover of the latest Stitch magazine. I’ve never done patchwork or quilting, so this might be a good introduction.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Summer!

  1. hi there…followed your link over from the sewmamasew group 🙂 beautiful pillows…they definitely look like summer in your room! thanks for the ikea pillow tip and i too can't wait to try that pillow on the cover…just have to get on it i guess!

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