Maggie’s new duds

Meet Maggie. She was my daughter’s first babydoll, a gift from my mom soon after my daughter’s birth. After nearly four years with us, Maggie’s original clothes are looking a little worn. I planned to make her a new outfit last Christmas, but didn’t get to it. So, this week, I whipped up a summer dress and bloomers from some scraps in my stash. It was a quick and easy project….just a simple halter top connected to a gathered skirt. It is sort of a pain to sew such teeny-tiny seams. I got lazy toward the end and just zig-zagged along the hem of the dress and bloomers. I’ll see how that holds up after washing and add a proper hem if necessary.

My daughter wanted to make Maggie a leotard. This was totally unprompted by me, so it was fun to see her interest. I gave her a few scraps and she started cutting and glueing! You can see got the shape pretty accurate, complete with shoulder straps and a skirt. The “finished’ leotard wasn’t exactly functional but it was fun to watch my daughter’s creative process!

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