Sewers block?

For awhile, I just couldn’t sew. Maybe my head is too full of ideas and desired projects or maybe I am discouraged by some of the machine issues I have encountered….not sure. Or maybe the sunny warm weather is calling me outside rather than into my sewing room.

Nevertheless, I have a few things in the works. First, I am almost finished on a summer dress for myself….made without a pattern! I just used a shirt that I like and drafted a pattern for the bodice. I am happy how it is coming together. The bodice is complete and I just need to add the skirt. The fabric is lightweight so I am adding a muslin lining to the skirt. I was ready to complete the skirt, but realized I had not washed/dried the muslin. I would be so sad if I completed the dress only to have the lining shrink up and ruin the look and fit.

I am also ready to make some new pillow covers for our family room sofa and our sewing/creative room loveseat with the fabrics above. Both rooms need a little summer update. Maybe I’ll make some coordinating coasters, too. *Surprisingly* I had fabric onhand for both sets and did not have to make a purchase.

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