Baby has a new pair of shoes…and bibs

Until recently in my family, all of the babies born to my generation had been girls. Fortunately, a little boy is on his way to my sister and her husband in a couple of months. And my cousin just had a sweet little boy. …so I made some fun gifts and broke away from all the girly prints.
How cute is the little tie bib? I saw the tutorial on blueprints (formerly known as Just Tutes) and had to try! This was my first applique and it was a breeze! I used Wonder Under to apply the applique and finished with a zig-zag stitch. The soft baby shoes are from the Stardust Shoes pattern. I highly recommend both sites which are full of great tutorials and ideas in addition to the projects I show. For both tutorials I followed the directions without any adjustments, maybe a first for me!
I’m still fighting with sewing machines. Mom’s Singer and I were getting along great until the very end of the second bib. I was topstitching and the bobbin thread got all crazy on me. Is this user error or just a Singer quirk?? Hopefully my sister won’t mind a little wonky stitching 😉

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