See all of those pretties above? I ordered a scrap pack from Fabric Supplies on etsy. The pack contains about two yards total fabric, all full-width cuts. The ones I received are mostly 12-16 inch cuts. The shop offers a choice of three color palettes – fresh, cool, warm. Mine is warm. Shipping was super fast. The best part was opening the package to find a surprise mix of pretty prints.

I view these beautiful fabrics online but find it hard to commit to just one or two and in a larger quantity. The choices are overwhelming, because I want them all! A scrap pack is a nice way to dabble and see how the weight and finish of different fabric lines compare. Although I haven’t cut into these yet, I imagine they will be great for making smaller projects such as zip pouches, clutches, patchwork projects, garment trims, etc.

I thought I’d share this for other new sewers who want to add some fun to their stashes.

One thought on “Dabbling

  1. Hi Lorna, such beautiful fabrics and good taste. I can’t wait to see what you will sew next. I really enjoy your blog and you sew so well. Thanks for sharing.

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