Spring Ruffle Top

This top is made from the Spring Ruffle Top tutorial from made by rae. The fabric is Midnight Kisses by Heidi Grace Designs at JoAnn Fabric. I made no adjustments to the pattern. I chose to shape the sides (as rae includes as an optional step) by bringing in the side seams by about an inch on both sides. The shaping made the shirt more flattering and less maternity-like. I hemmed the shirt as is, leaving it almost tunic length. I added the optional divots to the armhole which helps with the overall fit and comfort.
The pattern was easy to follow. I did have to adjust the strap placement several times before sewing. I advise spending some time making sure the strap placement is just right (maybe even baste stitch) prior to sewing the straps to the chest band. I marked the placement in the beginning as the pattern instructs, but found that after I sewed the ruffle to the straps that I needed to adjust the placement all over again.
The shirt is cuter in person than in the photo! Again, it is nothing I would ever try on or purchase off-the-rack. I bought the necklace last year and had nothing with which to wear it. Don’t you like how things come together sometimes?
Next time, I might adjust the size of the back panel piece so it doesn’t require pleating. The pleating adds weird puffiness at the back…which I don’t necessarily need back there! This shirt would be great for maternity wear. Another sewer on the flickr group made the pattern as a little girl’s dress. I may just have to try that!

4 thoughts on “Spring Ruffle Top

  1. Very cute! Love that print too. I totally agree about the back panel. I tried a non-pleated back with one of my muslins when I was making the tutorial but noticed that it fit strangely on my hips without the pleats even though I made it wider at the bottom, so just a tidbit of info there for when (if?) you try it (or maybe you have a teeny booty and it won’t matter…? 🙂 Let me know — I’m interested to know how it turns out!!!

  2. Cute! This caught my eye on Rae’s blog because I used this same fabric to make an apron a couple of months ago. I love it! Nice job on the top!

  3. Looks great! I just finished one too. I left out the arm divots, but it looks like I may have to put them in my next one. And I’ve spent way too much time on these straps! They still aren’t quite right, but I’m going to leave them.

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