A summer top – Simplicity 2892

My first garment is finished! This is made from Simplicity 2892, the first commercial pattern I have used since junior high school. The fabric is off the quiliting wall at JoAnn’s. I like the outcome and will definitely wear the top this summer.

Just a couple adjustments were made to the pattern. I shortened the body of the top by about an inch. (I’m 5′ 3″). Determining the size was a little tough, as commercial pattern sizes are nothing like off-the-rack sizes. After measuring the pattern envelope told me I should wear a 12 or 14. After cutting the 12, I reconsidered and sized down to a 10. For comparison, I normally wear a small or medium (6 or 8) off the rack. After sewing the side seams, I decided the shirt was too wide and narrowed it a bit. To do this, I found a shirt in my closet that fits well, laid it on top and traced the shape. Initially, I planned to hem the shirt (view D), but decided to add elastic instead (view F). It seems to work better with the style and print and feels more finished this way.

The neck is quite detailed with a gathered yoke and ruffle (front and back). It took some time to gather the entire yoke and then the ruffle. Also, the yoke must be handstiched to the inside of the top. I suppose you could just topstitch the yoke to close the seam, but that would change the look with the topstitching visible on the outside. Although time consuming, I have found that I like this type of detail work that requires some handstitching and fussing.

It’s funny – I would never try on this style or print at a clothing store, but I like it! I see myself making more from this pattern. This will be my first entry for made by rae’s Spring Top Week.

13 thoughts on “A summer top – Simplicity 2892

  1. Popped over here from the Spring Top flickr pool. LOVE this top! I haven’t sewed apparel in ages, but your photos make me want to try. Beautiful job. And definitely doesn’t look “homemade.”

  2. That print is super cute, and the elastic addition was definitely a good choice. Makes the style even more current! I’ll be adding my own shirt to the Spring Top Week pool in the next day or so, hopefully it turns out half as cute!

  3. Saw this in the Spring Top Flickr pool…It’s very cute! I like the idea for elastic at the bottom. I would have never guessed! Great top.

  4. Came over from Made by Rae – love your top! Nice fabric choice, looks great on you – wonderful job. You’ve inspired me to try this pattern – thanks!

  5. I also saw your gorgeous top on Made by Rae. I haven’t had the sewing machine out for so long but I think I will be getting it out to try this pattern. It’s autumn here though so it might be a while before I can wear it. Thanks for sharing!

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