Frenchy Bag

This weekend, I had the house to myself, so I took advantage of the time and made a bag. This is the shoulder bag version of the Frenchy Bag pattern by Amy Butler. The fabric is from IKEA. I love the bold pattern in the main fabric. It is home decor fabric, so the heavy weight gave nice body to the bag, made for sharp pleats and did not require interfacing. I did add fusible fleece interfacing to the top portion to ensure sturdiness.

The black contrast fabric is part of a larger bird print. I decided to keep the outside clean with solid black pieces. For the inside of the top portion, though, I cut from the printed areas. I like that it is unexpected and fun.

The pattern was easy to follow. I completed the steps out of order and constructed the lining bag first. I am so glad I did, because it allowed me some “warm-up” time to practice sewing the curved seams and connecting the bottom and top pieces just right. Again, with this project, I learned some helpful tips. This pattern uses an easy folding method for squaring up the fabric…much easier than cutting. And I finally learned how to make good straps!


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