My First Swap

I signed up for the latest Bend the Rules Sewings Swap.
This is my first swap and I love the concept. If you are not familiar with sewing swaps – I was paired with another swapper and received an email describing her likes, dislikes, favorite colors and patterns, etc. I was also able to link to her blog to view her past projects, which gives some great insight to choose her fabrics. Over the next three weeks, I will make her a Charming Handbag. while she does the same for me. Then we swap, mailing the finished handbags to each other! How fun is that?


One thought on “My First Swap

  1. Hi there! I just saw the post you left me. Judging by all the beautiful bags you’ve made already, I’m thrilled to have you making me my bag! It looks like I don’t get to return the favor – but I can’t wait to see what you create! Thanks so much in advance – this is my first swap too, (and I’m new to blogging), so this is very exciting for me.

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