A creative space…found


A couple of months ago, I was wishing for some space and I found it! Our small living room is the coziest room in the house, with great natural light, but it was, for the most part, usued space. After multiple (4, 5…I lost count) trips to IKEA, my sewing supplies have vacated the dining room and have a home. My daughter’s art supplies and hubby’s books are stored along with my sewing supplies in the wall of IKEA bookcases. The storage boxes and baskets cleverly hide all of our goodies and my growing fabric stash and sewing book collection. The sewing machine cover is a repurposed $3 pillow cover found in the IKEA As-Is section. The Amy Butler organizer was a find at the local Michaels store.

The room now feels even cozier and functional and has become a creative space for the whole family. We find ourselves in the room on a daily basis, reading, sewing and coloring together. Last night my 3 year old daughter was my creative assistant, snipping threads for me with her “cutty things.”

3 thoughts on “A creative space…found

  1. Ooh, your space looks beautiful. And i can imagine what an inviting space it is for you all now, to work and be together. Am working on finding that same kind of space in my house…(Will check out a few more posts before my “break” is over…)

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